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Why KW Pro

Why should you opt to cooperate with KW Pro? - Because our service offering stands out based on the following three distinctions:

Holistic Approach

Contrary to the common advice when experiencing issues using Microsoft® Office applications, i.e., to attend classroom training, KW Pro pursues a differentiated approach. Our service portfolio is aligned with the priorities focus of the knowledge worker's job and supports a systematic make-or-buy decision - Coaching ("make") when the employee's core responsibilities include using Microsoft® Office programs and Outsourcing ("buy") when not. Furthermore, we regard the application of Office Productivity Software as an integral part of the knowledge development process and as a crucial tool to increase knowledge worker productivity. Consequently, we are providing supporting not only for the production but also for the design of analyses, reports, presentations, etc. Both elements are essential to develop relevant knowledge and easy-to-understand presentations for internal and/or external decision makers.

Your benefits:

  • High degree of effectiveness as a consequence of an employee-oriented and situational approach
  • High Return on Investment (ROI), i.e. the ratio of benefits relative to costs for our services)
  • Sustainable increase of your knowledge workers' productivity

Substantial Expertise

We possess substantial qualifications and experience along the entire process chain relevant for you :

  • General Business Management
    Ability to quickly comprehend a variety of business topics and issues and develop appropriate solutions
  • Design
    Ability to effectively and precisely define the content and structure of analyses, reports, presentations, etc.
  • Production
    Ability to quickly and effectively convert existing designs with Microsoft® Office applications by using available functionality and defining efficient processes

Your benefits:

  • Prompt and professional project execution with a single point-of-contact
  • Integrated solutions by reducing "friction losses" between different project phases
  • Higher degree of target achievement as a result of simplifying communication between you and KW Pro

Documentation and Demonstration of the Added Value

If desired, we define and document appropriate value drivers in cooperation with you to quantify the added value of our services.
Based on the type of customer benefit, changes in corresponding value drivers are measured and converted into cash flows. These feed into valuation models developed in the field of security valuation and capital budgeting. The resulting return on your capital employed puts you in a position to validate the viability of your decision to use our services.

Your benefits:

  • Ability to objectively assess the results of using our services
  • Validation of the adequacy of KW Pro's prices
  • Optimal allocation of your funds by comparison with other investments in increasing knowledge worker productivity

Please also visit References for examples and comments from our existing customers.