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Design Coaching

Design Coaching is targeted at knowledge workers whose core responsibilities include the design of analyses, reports, presentations, etc. but who do not have the necessary experience to effectively structure and visualize these documents. KW Pro offers individual coaching sessions to teach a successful methodology using specific examples, e.g., the preparation of a customer appointment. In addition, we evaluate and correct complete document drafts and discuss opportunities for improvement with the employee.

Based on your requirements we are offering a personal, customized support service for designing analyses, reports, presentations, etc.:

Individual Coaching

On the basis of a detailed analysis of the task at hand, we are conducting an individual coaching session with the employee to define the content and structure of the document. Using the specific example, we are introducing basic ideas which can be re-applied in subsequent projects.


After a thorough briefing by the responsible employee, KW Pro is evaluating entire documents as to their comprehensibility and their consistency. Based on the particular objective of the document, we are developing recommendations how to further improve communication effectiveness.

Your benefits:

  • Direct and prompt support, the moment questions or issues arise
  • Focus on tasks and issues which are relevant for the user and his organization
  • Improved learning results as the newly acquired knowledge can be applied instantly
  • Individual support as different learning paces and styles can be accommodated
  • Higher Return on Investment (ROI) compared to open seminars - no absence from the workplace and no redundant training content
  • Improved target achievement (e.g., higher number of newly acquired customers for sales presentations) as a result of the new designs being more innovative and effective
  • Increase in employee satisfaction as a result of being able to more effectively and, hence, more successfully complete one's responsibilities