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Production Coaching

This service is targeted at knowledge workers whose core responsibilities include the use of Microsoft® Office applications but who have gaps in their knowledge of the software's functionality. With Production Coaching KW Pro offers customized support for users of the Microsoft® Office software; the service offering ranges from a telephone hotline with simultaneous online conference to individual coaching sessions.

Based on your requirements, we are offering personal, user-specific production support for the Excel® spreadsheet software, the PowerPoint® presentation software and the Word document preparation program:

Telephone Hotline

When ad hoc issues or questions occur, the user can call KW Pro at predetermined service hours. In order to control costs, the duration of conversations can be restricted. In addition, a simultaneous online conference (visualization of the issue) can be used to further increase the effectiveness of the call.

Individual Coaching

On the basis of a detailed analysis of the employee's scope of responsibilities, the user is receiving an individual training at his workplace consisting of a customized introduction to functions which he can apply most frequently and therefore promise a significant productivity increase.

Your benefits:

  • Direct and prompt support, the moment questions or issues arise
  • Focus on tasks and issues which are relevant for the user and his organization
  • Improved learning results as the newly acquired knowledge can be applied instantly
  • Individual support as different learning paces and styles can be accommodated
  • Higher Return on Investment (ROI) compared to open seminars - no absence from the workplace and no redundant training content
  • Increase in employee satisfaction as a result of being able to more efficiently and, hence, more successfully complete one's responsibilities