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Production Outsourcing

Production Outsourcing is suited for knowledge workers who are involved in production activities contrary to their job descriptions or those employees, whose core responsibilities include production but who are overloaded and cannot cope with the workload by themselves in the time available. In this situation, KW Pro assumes the production of analyses, reports, presentations, etc. using Microsoft® Office programs.

Based on an existing Design, we are offering a personal, customized production service for all Microsoft® Office applications:

Excel® spreadsheet software/Access™ database program (analyses and reports)

On the basis of an initial briefing and in cooperation with you, a project requirements report is developed which contains the project's key assumptions, responsibilities and required attributes and functions. In the subsequent development phase, KW Pro reengineers, automates, and documents the production process. During the final acceptance procedure, the user is trained in executing the individual production steps.

PowerPoint® presentation software/Word document preparation program (presentations and other documents)

Based on a document template in line with your Corporate Design, KW Pro efficiently converts the provided design using the full range of available functionality. Changes or amendments are accommodated and integrated in the document as part of a continuous dialogue between you and us.

Your benefits:

  • Increase in the efficiency of your knowledge workers by significantly reducing production times
  • Rise in the effectiveness of your knowledge workers by focusing them on their core responsibilities
  • Improve ment in data quality as a result of automating manual processes
  • Decrease in operating costs, e.g., by reducing overtime or saving unnecessary training programs
  • Increase in employee satisfaction as a consequence of reducing stress and allowing employees to focus on their core responsibilities