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KW Pro offers outsourcing, coaching, and consulting services to corporations with the objective to measurably increase the productivity of knowledge workers. More specifically, we focus on improving the performance of employees in working with Microsoft® Office applications (Excel® spreadsheet software, PowerPoint® presentation software, Word document preparation program, and Access™ database software). Thereby, KW Pro pursues a holistic approach.

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Figure 3

The service offering includes the outline ("Design") of spreadsheets, presentations, etc., i.e., their objective, content, and structure, as well as their implementation ("Production") by means of the software's functionality. Based on the core responsibilities of a particular knowledge worker, KW Pro offers either outsourcing or coaching services. In an outsourcing scenario, the employee is relieved from activities which are not part of his core responsibilities. In a coaching scenario, an employee's skills are improved to successfully resolve issues which are part of his core responsibilities. More specifically, the following services are offered: